Tide Times

Tidal Schedule

A great experience at Burntcoat Head Park starts with checking the tide times. To walk on the ocean floor, plan to arrive as close to low tide as possible (the safest time to explore is three hours before or after low tide). Tip: Make sure to see both low and high tide for a true appreciation of this natural wonder.

How to read our schedule: scroll to find the date of your visit. Low tide times are listed in green (when the water level is at its lowest). You can also see high tide times and predicted tide heights in metres and feet in our schedule. From mid-May to Mid-October, our Facebook page is updated daily with tide times.

Learning the tides

How do we predict tide times? Our schedule is based on data from Canada’s Department of Fisheries & Oceans. You can also see tide times for the whole year from the Government of Canada here. When checking tide times online, pay attention to your location – tide times can vary greatly from place to place. For example, the daily times for Burntcoat Head and Halifax would be very different!

How to plan your visit around tide times

When planning your visit to Burntcoat Head Park, if you want to explore the ocean floor, arrive during low tide. It’s safest to explore the ocean floor within the three hours before or after low tide. For example, if low tide were to occur at 3:00 p.m., the ocean floor would be safely accessed from 12:00 noon until 6:00 p.m. 

To truly appreciate the range of the world’s highest tides, plan to see both low and high tide. Here are a few ways to pack an awesome day trip into the six hours between:

  • Pack a picnic and enjoy one of the serene areas within the park, which is home to a covered gazebo and plenty of picnic tables. 
  • Read the park’s interpretive panels and walk to the top of our replica lighthouse for a sweeping view of the Bay. Our gift shop is open from 9 am to 5 pm seasonally with souvenirs, frozen treats and cold drinks available for purchase.
  • There are places to eat within 10-20 minutes of the park in all directions. Maitland, Walton, and Kennetcook are some of the charming local villages nearby. Check ahead for seasonal open hours of local businesses.
  • Explore museums, artisan shops, and other natural attractions. 

Still need some help planning your visit? Our team is happy to help! Email us at burntcoat@easthants.ca for advice.

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