Burntcoat Head Park is open daily until Saturday, October 10th.  Washrooms and Lighthouse hours are 10-5, and grounds are open dawn til dusk until October 10th.

Please be aware of tide times and return to the stairs at least 3 hours before high tide.

Visitors are asked to follow all public health guidelines while visiting us.

~ As of July 31st, masks are mandatory in most indoor public spaces in Nova Scotia, including our lighthouse and washrooms. The Province has exempted children under two and children aged two to four when their caregiver cannot get them to wear a mask. People with a valid medical reason for not wearing a mask are also exempt.
~ Social distancing – limiting your contact with other people and staying 2 metres (6 feet) away from them.
~ Wash or sanitize hands often.
~ Cough and sneeze into your elbow, not your hand.


Experience the world’s highest tides

Unbeatable – and breathtaking. Welcome to the highest tides in the world. Twice each day the Bay of Fundy fills and empties its 160 billion tons of water, a feat of nature recognized by the Guinness World Records in 1975. Burntcoat Head has an average tide of 47.5 feet with an extreme range of 53.6 feet.

Click here for tide schedule at Burntcoat Head Park.

Bring back unforgettable memories

Picnics, walking trails, outdoor gardens, interpretive displays, local crafts. It’s all here for you. Make a day of it – and make memories that will last a lifetime. For the most dramatic effect of the tide, visit both at low and high tide. The six hours between tides can be spent enjoying the Park or exploring the local community.



"Brag of your country. When I am abroad I brag of everything that Nova Scotia is, has, or can produce, and when they beat me at everything else, I say, "How high do your tides rise?"

Joseph Howe, Politician for Hants County

1804 - 1873