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Tide Times

Come experience the world’s highest tides. Twice each day, 160 billion tonnes of water flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy, a feat of nature recognized by the Guinness World Records in 1975. Burntcoat Head has an average tide of 47.5 feet with an extreme range of 53.6 feet. 

If you are walking on the ocean floor, you must be aware of the advancing tide and its potential danger, especially in areas where the tide rises at 1 inch per minute. There are areas where you could get stuck and be unable to return to the stairs at the entrance to the ocean floor. The ideal time to walk on the ocean floor is three hours after high tide to three hours before the next high tide. If you are unsure of tide times, please ask a staff member.

Note: The link below will show tide times for our 2022 open season. To check dates further into the future and for 2023, please see the Government of Canada’s tide predictions.

2021-10-15 (Friday)

Time (ADT) Height (m) Height (ft) Tide
Low tide
High tide
Low tide
High tide

How to Read a Tide Table

High and low tide occur at different times each day and water levels also vary. Tide tables show the daily predictions for the times of high and low tide, as well as the height of each tide. It is important to look at the tide times for Burntcoat and not areas like Halifax as tide times and heights change based on location. 

When viewing the chart below, the values in the left-hand column represent the times that high and low tide occur. The values in the right column (height) indicate the height of the tide. The higher number represents high tide, and the lower number represents low tide. These are shown in both metric and imperial conversions. 

In the example, high tide occurs at 8:59 a.m. (12.4 m) and 9:28 p.m. (12.8 m) and low tide occurs at 2:54 a.m. (2.2 m) and 3:23 p.m. (2.7 m). 

To explore the ocean floor, always plan your visit within three hours before or after low tide. In the example listed, the safe times to explore the ocean floor during daylight hours would fall between  12:23 p.m. and 6:23 p.m.