Different Time, Different Shorelife

At low tide a myriad of shorelife is exposed on the ocean floor which makes exploration very interesting. Different species are found at different times in the season.


Many tiny barnacles and periwinkles cling to rocks.  


Barnacles and periwinkles are maturing and are joined by whelks, false angel wings and leafy bryozoan. Rock crabs are the first crab species to appear and you will also find some small fish - tommy cod, mackerel and small mouthed bass. Moon snail egg casings also.


As the previously seen species develop and grow you will also be able to find  a variety of crab species. The fish species expand to include eels and monkfish. Especially lovely at the end of July is the arrival of the cliff swallows.


In very early August, we welcome semipalmated plovers back after their nesting season in the Arctic and subArctic.  They stop and feed on the mudflats before heading to their wintering grounds along coastal areas of USA and South America.  Flounder and squid are also easily spotted at this time of year.