Tidal Reveal: A Shoreline Exploration

Ocean Floor Exploration

PLEASE NOTE: Tours of the ocean floor will not be available in 2020 due to Covid-19.


Join our knowledgeable team for an exciting guided experience exploring the wonders of the ocean floor at low tide. Enjoy hands-on discovery of the life in the tidal pools and mudflats and marvel at the thought of up to 53 feet of water  right where you are standing a mere 6 hours later.

  • Connect with your guide as you learn the influence of the tides on the landscape and understand the struggle to survive the world’s highest tides as you watch periwinkles and piddocks hang on as 160 billion tonnes of water flows over them every day.
  • Learn how to safely explore our delicate ecosystems and have a little fun along the way.

Visit the 2019 Tour Schedule for dates and times.

Cost per person $18

Children/Youth 6 to 18 $10

No charge for children five and under

Seniors rate: $14.00

Family Rate: $50.00 (two adults and children under 18)

Space is limited so booking tours in advance is recommended.

Cancellation policy. There is no charge for cancellation but please let us know if you are unable to make it so that we can offer your spots to other excited visitors. Please let us know how we can reach you when you are travelling so we can notify you of any changes to your tour.

Dining on the Shore

A Gourmet Feast with Local Produce

Enjoy a culinary experience like no other with a feast on the ocean floor. The meal was described by one guest as "amazing" and said dining on the ocean floor is a “must do for your bucket list.” 

You will meet local experts and have a guided tour of the shore with the head guide from Burntcoat Head Park and a forager from Newell's Jewels Edibles.

Then enjoy an intimate four course locally sourced dinner paired with local wine (Avondale Sky) and beer pairings (Meander River) set directly on the ocean floor at low tide - hours after your meal ends, the location will be 50 feet underwater! Don’t worry you will be safely enjoying the sunset atop the ocean cliffs nearby, as the tide gently rolls in.

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