Gallery 215 in Selma Community Hall
Gallery 215
Wharf at Anthony's Park
South Maitland Interpretive Centre
Frieze&Roy General Store, Maitland NS
Frieze & Roy General Store

We recommend you see both high and low tides at Burntcoat Head Park for the maximum enjoyment of this very special phenomenon.  But what to do in the intervening six hours? The Park is a lovely place to spend time, enjoy a picnic and watch the birds, however if you would like to see some local sites we have set out some custom made itineraries.  You can select one or mix and match.


  • Head East on Highway 215 and visit the Lawrence House Museum where guides in period costume help you explore the home of the famous shipbuilder, W.D. Lawrence.  Don't let the word "museum" deter you - kids love this place full of things they have never seen before.  
  • Stop at Frieze & Roy and have a bite to eat or pick up a picnic lunch and travel 10 minutes west along Highway 215 to  Anthony's Park.  The wharf is impressive.
  • Visit the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre in South Maitland
  • Burn off some energy on the play equipment at Dawson Dowell Park or walk along the dyke built by Acadians hundreds of years ago.  
  • Visit Beyond the Wharf, a gift shop featuring arts and crafts made locally.
  • In Kennetcook, buy an ice cream and watch the birds on the Kennetcook River.
  • An hour east of Burntcoat Head Park is the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park, home to a variety of animals including wolves, Sable Island horses, and cougars. 


Slow and Easy

  • Approximately one hour west of the Park on Highway 215 is the community of Newport Landing (museum, shop, restaurant) and Avondale Sky Winery  It is worth the drive.  The building on the winery's property, formerly a church in Walton,  was floated down the river to this new location.
  • Or you could travel east on Highway 215 to the South Maitland Interpretive Centre on the breathtaking Shubenacadie River.  Take a stroll along a gentle walking trail bordering a marsh and, if timed correctly, you could witness the tidal bore.
  • Interested in a stunning view? Travel south on Highway 354 through Kennetcook.  There is a right jog and a quick left about 5 minutes past Kennetcook in order to keep on Highway 354.  Take the dirt road on the left as you near the top of the hill - this is called Courthouse Hill . From here, the site of the original courthouse for NS (since taken down), you can see five counties and a spectacular view of the landscape.
  • Other interesting sites include the Selma Church Museum where you can look up records of people who lived in the area as far back as 1732.  Gallery 215, situated in the Selma Community Hall, highlights the work of some exceptional Nova Scotia artists.  Inklings in Wood, located in Maitland, features some beautiful turned bowls and other wooden treasures.

Energy to Burn