Picnic area at Burntcoat Head Park
Picnic area at Burntcoat Head Park

Perfect for a Picnic

While the shoreline may be the chief attraction, visitors also appreciate the green space and wooded areas of the Park.  Picnic tables and benches are located with care to provide rest and an opportunity to enjoy the natural ambience.

Keep your eyes open for  ground hogs, chipmunks and rabbits. Occasionally one can see white-tailed deer resting in the undergrowth along the trails.  Robins and grackles are attracted to the mountain ash berries while pileated woodpeckers and yellow-bellied sapsuckers carve out holes in spruce and other trees searching for insects.  A real treat is to catch sight of one or both of our resident pair of bald eagles.

The Acadian Forest

The naturally occurring eco-zone of this part of Nova Scotia is known as the Acadian Forest. This zone includes a portion of Southern Quebec, most of New Brunswick, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire, plus smaller portions of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York State.

The more southern part of this range has a wide mixture of hard woods and softwoods. Today our particular coastal part of the Acadian Forest has a minority of hardwoods and a domination of softwoods, chiefly Spruces and Balsam Fir.

Burntcoat Head Park has a good representation of most of the Acadian Forest tree species. Watch for labelled trees throughout the walking trails in the park.

Spruce burls at Burntcoat Head Park
Spruce Burls


The Municipality of East Hants owns the Park and contributes financially to its operation each year. In 2013 the Municipality hired consultants and formed a Steering Committee to develop a plan to improve the Park's interpretation and amenities.

Improvements completed to date include an upgraded interior to the lighthouse and a combination of mulch and gravel walking trails, which have enhanced the accessibility of the site. Interpretive signs, flush toilets and replacing the wooden steps to the shoreline with a more permanent structure are planned for the near future. It is exciting times for the Park.

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