Life under the Bay: Family Ocean Floor Tour

Take your family on an ocean floor adventure. Kids (and adults) will have a blast exploring tide pools, finding live sea creatures like hermit crabs and periwinkle, and learning all about life under the bay with games and facts. Discover wonderful creatures and exciting ocean life hiding under the Bay of Fundy - home of the world’s highest tides!
Pack up your favorite picnic lunch (or grab one from one of our local restaurants) and meet us at Burntcoat Head Park. As the tide retreats, uncovering the ocean floor, our adventure will begin.

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Tidal Reveal: Explore the Ocean Floor

Our popular guided ocean floor tours are back for 2021
Join our knowledgeable team for an exciting guided experience exploring the wonders of the ocean floor at low tide. Enjoy the hands-on discovery of life in the tidal pools and mudflats and marvel at the thought of up to 53 feet of water right where you are standing a mere 6 hours later.

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“We went one day in the afternoon to see it at high tide and then the next morning to see it again at low tide – highly recommend you do it that way to see the difference! At low tide we paid a small fee and had a guided tour of the ocean floor – again highly recommended. The girls knew their stuff and were able to explain the tides, the geology of the area and were able to find lots of critters for us to look at. Great scenery. After the tour we spent some more time wandering on our own. Fantastic and less touristy than the other more well-known side!”
– cutepixie8 on TripAdvisor, visited August 2016

Kids explore Life Under the Bay